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September 2016

Thanks to a lot of work by our inland sailors, Pat Bradley, Peter Baldwin and others, Huntington was filled with plenty of water for the annual Huntington Lake Regatta. The lake also hosted the Mercury Class Championship Regatta. With twenty nine entries Huntington Lake finally seemed happy again, it’s longest standing sailing class had returned to celebrate and compete.

While lots of friends had a chance to catch up there were a number of new comers. It was good to see old fleet members introduce themselves and offer support and advice.
With two back to back regattas there were two great dinners. Saturday night was the traditional tri-tip feast, music and dancing. Tuesday night’s trophy chicken dinner was as great as stories were shared and the fun was had by all.
The tradition and enthusiasm at these two great regattas and accompanying social events is an energy we can all use to help promote and build the Mercury Class
Larry Nelson has some great vinyl class insignia stickers to help promote and show class loyalty. They are available on the class web-site.

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