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February 2016

The Mercury Class Yacht Racing Association officers work to preserve our class history, traditions and longevity. But they also look into the future. New technologies and materials are flooding the sailing world.

This year's annual class meeting discussed three such topics;

1. The use of laminated mylar types of sail cloth. Would the introduction of these sail materials make existing dacron sails
obsolete and dampen existing skippers desire to compete due to cost and durability? Will future dacron sails be just as competitive?
Some classes have approved these materials and some have not.

2. Electronic sailing aids. Would the addition of tactical GPS course strategy and tracking devices enhance the sailing experience? Or would the cost and complexity discourage some skippers? These two topics were discussed in regards to current class members and a new generation of upcoming skippers? Both topics were deemed important and will be monitored for more information and opinion.

3. Deck stepped masts.
After two years of assessment the class officers approved deck stepped masts. The approval was based on two test boats that have made the conversion to the skippers satisfaction as to sailing performance and less strenuous mast stepping. Caution is given in regards to maintaining the boats structural integrity. See the class website regarding an article on one skippers conversion.

Will new materials and technologies help the class or is "sailing by the seat of our pants" still the classes strongest asset?

Your officers invite comments.

Eric Conn, Class President

Don't forget, Southern California Mid Winter Regatta is February 20 & 21, Cabrillos Beach YC!

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