From The Prez

June, 2016

Here is a great idea from Larry Nelson, MCYRA VP, and owner of #548.  Each yacht club has newsletter either printed and/or online. The Mercury Class would benefit if an occasional bit of news or even a picture where included in various class member’s newsletters.

The idea is to have a class member(s) from each yacht club become their club’s class reporter. Gathering and submitting activities doesn’t have to fall on one person. Everyone can contribute. To get the plan underway each of the three District Representatives is being given a list of the yacht clubs and members in their district. With their encouragement reporters can be found to help increase the class’s awareness and interest in our unique and traditional class.

With Go-Pro, digital cameras, etc. and a little writing this project could be fun and beneficial to the class. Of course the publicity gathering isn’t limited to skippers. Crews, family and friends can all get in on the fun.

Remember “It Pays to Advertise”.

Eric Conn, MCYRA Prez

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