Fall One Design

First race was a one lap weather/leeward breeze was light 4-6 knots with a very short line it was hard to find clear air on the line but we all managed with no fouls. Second race the breeze built 6-8 slowly clocking around to the right. This ended up being a two lap race with a few chances downwind to pass but right side was pretty favored going up hill.

Third race was a three lap race with the breeze in the 6-9 knot range. Breeze slowly but presciently was shifting to the right. Turned out to be parade race.
The forth race was a one lapper to finish the day. With everyone all lined up jockeying for position the gun mysteriously went off with 20 seconds to go. The fleet raced the race but it was ultimately tossed out by the Race Committee.
We all ended up getting towed out to the starting area on Sunday morning to no avail. The RC did get a course set and a sequence started but the 3-4 knot breeze shut off again and racing was abandoned for the day


Sail # Skipper/Crew R1 R2 R3 Total
570 Kenny Dair/Bob Zelmer 1 4 2 7
541 Mac Kilpatrick/Mike Burch 2 1 4 7
508 Doug Baird/Chris Messano 5 2 1 8
535 Randy/Kathryn 3 3 5 11
472 Chris Vilicich/ Jenna Dair 4 5 3 12
475 Greg Clark/Colin Clark 7 6 6 19
572 Park Densmore/Bob Burns 6 7 7 20
546 Grant Wooden 8 8 8 24
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