If you are going to be racing at Huntington This weekend that are a couple of things you need to know;

1.  Bring your VHS radio (channel 69)  All communications will be by radio.  NO SKIPPERS GATHERING.

2.  Bring a copy of the SI's.  This is where you will find the race course sheet you'll need for the regatta.

3.  Friday afternoon at the Bear Creek Cove the class will have a "social gathering". Some beer and drinks will be provided.

4.  Saturday evening there will be a Tri-Tip dinner at the Lakeshore 'ballroom'. The entire Lakeshore Resort is closed so plan to bring whatever you and your group plan to drink. There with be cups and ice BUT NO BAR SERVICE.

5.  Bear Creek Cove parking lot is open but space is very limited.  Do not park tandem, they will ticket!

6. There are a couple of fallen trees in the Bear Creek Cove so be sure you have a "good" anchor so you don't lay against a tree.

If you have had a problem with getting housing or a camp site call Steve Kraft. Due to a last minute change in plans he has a place he would like to transfer to someone else.

Hope to see you at the Lake. We have 17 or 18 boats signed up and there is room for a few more.   

Jim Bradley

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