The Weather Mark, March 2016

The Mercury class is off to a great start this year. By now you have received your 2016 MCYRA Yearbook. Close inspection of Fleet Member Listings will find 6 new boat owners. Some have bought active boats and a few are restoring boats. Please welcome these new members to the Mercury family.

Your help in getting them sailing and active will go a long way towards their enthusiasm and participation. In some cases many of you may already know the new owner. Take an extra moment to welcome them and see what you can do to get them off to great start.

The new members are:

Los Angeles Fleet Grant Wooden #546
Monterey/Stillwater Fleet David and Debbie Morris #416
Tim and Tracy Cordrey #470
San Francisco Fleet Bill and Pattie O'Connor #574
Dave and Rosemarie Smith #529
Steve and Linda Ritz #538
Jay and Debra  Butler*, 510-672-2639    #539
*Missed ’16 yearbook update

New and active members are the lifeblood of the class and making them part of the Mercury family is what keeps us sailing.

Eric Conn, Class President

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