Saturday, July 9, 2022 was a beautiful day in Racoon Straights. The sun was shining, north/westerly wind was blowing, ebb tide flowing, and the bay was bustling.

A great showing from the wildlife; about four different harbor seals and two pods of dolphins joined in on the fun.

Race one (course 2) was a strong start for the fleet, ending in a photo finish that may have been too close to call as Randy and Kurt on 543, Dave and Chris on 429, and team Bacci on 548 all crossed the finish line within inches of each other. This set the tone for the day, many close races and tough competition in conditions that kept everyone on their toes, making for an exciting regatta! A big thanks to SFYC for their hospitality and Forest Gay for the excellent committee work. Congratulations to John Ravizza and Chris Boome for their excellent sailing, and to all the sailors who made it out and kept the competition fierce. We look forward to getting more boats out next year. 

Race1 was a very close call, with consistent wind and a strong ebb tide. Race 2 saw a bit of a shakeup in the order, another tough fight, the fleet was split between those sticking to the shore and those in the middle of the course. The wind started to change in race 3, after which the committee evaluated the course and made some adjustments. Race 4 was a quick course one while we waited for the wind to fully shift. The committee moved the course before the final race, at which point the wind picked up and was howling through the straights. Team Fast Break and Team Marauder both went into Ayala Cove for a brief break. It was blowing around 18 knots for the final race of the day which made for a wild ride. 

Race report by Natasha Bacci

John Ravizza  537 Fortran 5 1 2 2 1 11 11
Chris Boome St. Francis YC
Randy Smith 543 Fast Break 1 4 1 4 2 12 12
Kurt Hemmingsen SFYC
David West 429 Space Invader 2 3 4 1 4 14 14
Chris Kreuger RYC
David Bacci 548 Marauder 3 2 3 3 3 14 14
Natasha Bacci RYC
Scott Jenson 571 Celes 4 5 5 5 5 24 24
Eric Stassevitch RYC
George Hecht 471 Niuhi DNC-7 DNC-7 DNC-7 DNC-7 DNC-7 35 35