Mercury Class Yacht Racing Association

Hello all Mercury class members near and far!

Not much to update since there has been no racing as of late……That being said, it sounds as if things might be starting to open up in the Bay Area. Moving into the first part of May, Cinco De Mayo or the ROC / SB Spring Regatta has been canceled, as well as Homecoming Nor Cal # 3 and So Cal # 3.

The Coronado Yacht Club still has the Small Boat Regatta set for June 13th and 14th. I will get confirmation if the event is still go. If things open up on the 15th of May for the state, I imagine they would still put the race on. Also, as of this update there is still no word on Huntington Lake……Seems there will be plenty of water, but nothing official yet.


The Technical Committee will be holding a meeting at a date and time yet to be determined, (within the next few weeks) to discuss the items listed below. Most of these were discussed at our National Meeting last January.
Members should feel free to share their thoughts on these issues. To do so, write or call David West, MCYRA Chief Measurer at dhw429@gmail.com or 415-717-7475.

• Deck Stepped Masts
◦ What do we need to do to incorporate the current description to be published in the yearbook?
◦ How do we fully address forward and aft rake of deck-stepped masts to mirror keel stepped masts?
• Weighing procedure
◦ What do we need to do to incorporate the weighing of boats with the mast stepped to coincide with the yearbook?
• Next year’s nationals measurement requirements
◦ Partners and mast step location?
◦ Weight again too?
▪ Just boats that weren’t weighed in 2019?
• Dyneema standing rigging v. stainless steel
◦ Do we need to do more than define the diameter (that’s all we currently do)?
◦ If we decide to not dis-allow non-stainless, what parameters need to be set
▪ Terminals defined?
▪ Diameters?
▪ Materials?

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But perhaps, it is the end of the beginning.” Winston Churchill

Yes, these have been and are extraordinary times we are living in right now. So, If your yacht club is closed but still letting you launch your boat, go for a sail. Hook up with other mercury sailors in your area and do some “Rabbit Start” racing (plenty of social distancing there), or just go out and enjoy a day of sailing. It will make you happy and give you a break from the TV and food in the refrigerator! Besides your boat will love you for it, and your dog will be happy you are doing something other than taking them for another walk!

Chin up Mercury sailors, we’ll be racing again soon!

I’ll see you on the water!
Mercury 572