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The Weather Mark, April 2016


Close call. I was putting my mast away after the class championships in Alameda.  A terminal for one of the upper shrouds simply fell off in my hand. Another mishap happened to a top skipper when his main sheet broke in the middle while approaching the weather mark. In both cases the gear has been replaced but the lesson remains.

Everyone’s boats and trailers are susceptible to the wear and tear of usage and the elements.  An annual inspection of your boat’s swaged halyards, shroud terminals, deck fastenings and running gear need to be a regular part of your sailing routine.  

We’ve learned that stainless steel rusts, line rots, shrouds and halyards grow whiskers. 

Don’t forget the trailer’s lights, bearings, hitch, hull cradle, etc. When traveling secure your mast so it doesn’t wiggle or bounce, movement over time can loosen the pop rivets in the mast. 

Remember Murphy’s Law? I’m told Murphy was a sailor.

Eric Conn, Class President


PS, Welcome to new MCYRA member, Tony Chargin. Tony, from the Bay area, will be sailing 577.  

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