Mercury Class Yacht Racing Association

2023 is fast approaching. Your executive committee has been working on the 2023 schedule with an effort to encourage you to sail in more events this year. 

Attached is a preliminary schedule for your review.  Notice we have reduced the number of Travel Trophy events to five in the hope more of you can fit this in your schedule.

The Travel Trophy will include the LA Midwinters, Huntington Lake, Labor Day, PCC’s, and the Championship Series at SFYC. The 77th MCYRA Championship Series will be hosted by the SF Bay Fleet, and SFYC. It will be sailed on October 19-22.  Start marking your calendars, this could be a fun season of Mercury sailing with a final showdown for the Travel Trophy and the Class Championship on the same weekend.
Your 2023 Dues form is attached. A reminder, we raised the active member dues to $60.00 to offset the large increase in liability insurance.  Associate memberships remains at $10.00.  Anyone who would like to avoid writing and mailing a check, can transfer dues payments by Zelle. Contact Don Whelan for instructions.  We appreciate receiving your dues at your earliest convenience
The Annual Meeting date is set for January 21 at Paso Robles Inn. Arrive by noon for lunch followed by our meeting. More details and a meeting agenda will be coming soon.
Let’s celebrate 77 years of active Mercury, which is a credit to all the great people, past and present, who have made this organization what it is.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year in 2023.

MCYRA Executive Committee
Mike Burch          President
Kenny Dair          Vice President
Park Densmore   Secretary
Don Whelan        Treasurer