Mercury Class Yacht Racing Association

Hello Mercury class,

The Class held its annual meeting Saturday January 19th in Paso Robles.  Here is a brief recap of what was discussed and voted on.
Lyn Hines of the San Francisco Bay Fleet presented a bid for the Richmond Yacht Club to host our National Championships this year.  Dates are September 12-15 2019……The bid was accepted and planning for the event is moving forward.

Please note: If you are planning or maybe just thinking you will be sailing in the nationals this year, ALL competitors must get their boats weighted prior to arriving to this event and be able to show a 2019 hull weight certificate. There will be no exceptions. Now, you ask, “how or where can I get my boat weighted?”  There is a scale in the Bay area that Dave West has and there will soon be a scale in Southern Calif. We will have a scale at the Mid-Winters.  As we launch boats we will weight them. Do Not Wait to get this done…..if you are not able to be at one of the races leading up to the nationals where a scale will be available, get ahold of your district rep or fleet captain to get your boat weighted. They will make it happen.

Some other items discussed: We voted to add to the end of the statement in article III “Object” where the sentence continues now to include “Corinthian Competition”.  This came about as the group discussed that as some point a skipper would pay for their crew to sail with them.  There was no agreement as to how this would be monitored. So we came up the with the wording “Corinthian Competition”. The class voted to build a new Bar-B-Que at Huntington Lake. Peter Baldwin of the Fresno fleet is going to look into making this happen.
The Memorial Day Regatta at ABYC (Long Beach) will be taken off the schedule since participation has dropped off considerably over the years.

Finally, the class voted to change the name of the Travel Trophy to the “Paxton Davis Travel Trophy”. And changed the scoring system so that you will get 2 points for racing….with bonus points of 5 for 1st place in the regatta, 4 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for 4th place, and 1 point for 5th place.

About raps it up for now……..Don’t forget Mid-Winters in L.A. at CBYC is Feb. 16th and 17th, lets get a good turnout!!  Unfortunately the last 3 weekends of Perry Cup were canceled due to rain and high winds, so here’s your chance to splash your boat and see if it still floats! 

“Did you know” there are no less than 24 races / regattas on the Mercury schedule for this year! Get your boat dusted off, tuned up, and on the water and go have some fun!!!  Your boat wants to go sailing, and it wants you to go along!!

See you on the water!
Mercury 572