Mercury Class Yacht Racing Association

Three intrepid Mercurys braved the weather last Saturday and enjoyed the mostly dry and very quick racing. With the puffy (10-16) and Southerly wind direction, the RC endeavored to set as long of a square leg as possible, but it was challenging. The first race was once around, with the first beat taking just 3 minutes and the entire race for the winning 8:30 minutes. The team was John Hansen and Tony Basso on #562.
The following two races were twice around, yielding a race time of approximately 17 minutes, and were both won by Randy Smith and Noah on #543. On #529, EYC Commodore Chris Davis and Staff Commodore Kevin Clark got faster as the day continued.  This was Kevin's first day on a Mercury, and well done!
With a squall cell visible, the fleet requested once around for race #4.  This was another quick one, and #543 was again victorious.
It should be noted (at his request) that John Hansen did not whine and ask for a shorter course for race #4.
The next Mercury Norcal date is April 6, and we will be racing for the beautiful Carmiggelt Trophy! Last year's winners, Jim and Kathy Bradley #553, were kind enough to drop the trophy at EYC before the racing.  Unfortunately, they cannot compete this year, but we hope to have them back racing again soon.  
Let's have a great turnout in April!
Aaron Lee